Sunday, December 7, 2014

Cleaning up down garbage hill has resulted in some treasures!

The lesson today is that it is good to pick up trash.


You may find treasure!

And because you will most certainly make a difference by cleaning up an unsightly place in the very least.

Case study:

We bought a house last year. The last house on a dead end street. Perfect!

However, there is a big gully right next to our house. That is both a plus and a minus.

+ It certainly is unbuildable - a very wet spot a lot of the year. That is good, because it is like having a nice woodsy space for yourself, and yet not have to pay for it.

- It was used in the past as a dumping ground by goodness knows how many people. Certainly the family that used to live in the house we bought used it. They previously had a home that burned down on the lot, and it looks like they tossed a lot over what I have dubbed "garbage hill". There is a big porcelain bathtub, a water heater, a big 50 gallon metal drum, tires, just to name a few of the bigger pieces of garbage. There are also lots of chunks of wood, cement, and more. You get it - "garbage hill".

+ As I've been going over garbage hill and picking up garbage as I see it, (and at this time of year with no leaves on the trees, you see it), I do find some treasures amongst the trash.

On the side of good, someone's trash became my treasure in the mascot lion now guarding our yard, bricks that I used for the little area under my bench & bird feeder, and today I found FOUR suet feeders - all like brand new!

Here is Gilligan the Lion, mascot of our yard!

Here is a shot of the bricks from this summer after I dragged them up garbage hill and reused them!

I can remember years ago, when I owned my 2nd house and was preparing to have a new fence put it. Early that morning I headed out to do a cleanup of that area, and found a $10 bill!

So, you never know what you will find, trash or treasure. But, one thing is guaranteed - you will find a much nicer looking area after you do a cleanup!

I am a Putnamaniac that has found some treasures in the trash on garbage hill!

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