Monday, December 29, 2014

Unexpected "I love you"s hit the spot - pass them out frequently and for no reason!

No need for a long explanation on why today was sort of feeling like one of "those days", but it was.  

On these sort of days sometimes the littlest thing can just surprise you into tears of amazement and thankfulness for the good people you happen to know.

Early today I sent out an email request. Honest and heartfelt, but a request none the less.

This was the reply I got back (edited for a bit of personal privacy):

Remember at uncle Gus’ funeral when you said, “I love you…people need to say that more often”?
That was nice.  And true. I love you, Marcy!!  Happy New Year!!

 Boooo hoooo hooooo - I started sniveling. No controlling it.

Gee whiz, if it is this easy to touch someone's heart and make their day feel filled with a little kindness, we should all probably do it once in a while. 

 heart tree full of love in my neighbor's yard

See love everywhere, and be sincere. Spread the love around like you are the knife on the peanut butter and jelly sandwich in life! 

I am a Putnamaniac that needs to pass out some unexpected "I love you's" more often!

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