Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Accents and localisms ~ Are you guilty?

I am guilty as charged!

Not so much for leaving "R"s out of words, but adding them where they don't belong. Pronunciations like idear (idea) and soder (soda) roll off my tongue just a bit too often.

In New England we often hear "I had to paaahhhhk the caaahhhh". (Park the car).

Folks from Massachusetts love to tell us "My pawp and I hiked to the tawp of the mountain. And Go Red Sawx." (My pop and I hiked to the top...Red Sox).

Years ago I visited the West Coast, Southern Coastal Oregon to be exact. At the grocery store they asked me if I wanted a sack. I told them I had everything I needed. They explained the sack was to put the groceries in (we call that a bag here on the East Coast)!

A friend was born and raised in Chicago, and she still "warshes" her dishes by hand. (Washes).

An acquaintance that was raised in Maine on the border of Canada still has a strong french "haccent" after living in CT for over 45 years! (Accent).

What is the accent or localism that gets you every time?

I am a Putnamaniac that loves accents and localisms, and can't seem to stop myself from using them!

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