Thursday, October 11, 2012

Mustaches and best friends are just the ticket... with perfect timing!

In the past I have mentioned that I do not do much well... except for choosing excellent people to associate with and to add to my mental rolodex of friends.

To prove my point, I just arrived home, a few hours later than would have been ideal, to a mailbox full of stuff.

Benefits reaped from working a lot the last month, were an electric bill & natural gas bill way under $80 combined... that is low, even for the "frugal me".

The kicker was a big envelope, which contained two handmade Halloween cards from twins Allison and Brookie, whom I have known since before they were born. In addition to the cards, were some great mustaches... The twins' mom and I have had a long running joke about mustaches.

I almost busted a gut laughing, and then almost cried my eyes out with joy to know I have such good fun over incredible silliness with excellent people.

Enjoy the little things people. That is what gets us through the day and bonds us together.

I am a Putnamaniac that thinks mustaches and best friends are just the ticket to a great life!

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