Thursday, October 18, 2012

Best Rotary Club EVER??? Putnam's, of course!

Support your local Rotary Club, even if they aren't the best in the WORLD, like Putnam's!

One great Rotary event that I have come to love every year, thanks to my friend, Rachael Johnston, Rotary member, and broker/owner of Johnston & Associates Real Estate, is the Rotary Rose Sale.

I'm talking Gorgeous Roses - a dozen for $15, and the Rotary Club is able to make money for local causes even with this inexpensive rate! On top of that, Rachael is gracious enough to deliver, within reasonable limits of course.

I load up!!!!!!  What a great opportunity to spread some sunshine to my neighbors, and help the Rotary reach their goals.

Putnam's Rotary, whose motto is "Service Above Self" donates thousands of dollars each year to local charitable organizations like TEEG, Daily Bread, the ARC, Habitat, the Deary Cancer Fund, student scholarships, and much more. 

I'm pretty sure people will appreciate if you support your local Rotary Club, especially during the annual rose sale!

I am a Putnamaniac that loves the best Rotary Club in the WORLD here in Putnam, and also loves her neighbors!

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