Sunday, October 7, 2012

Never bored in Northeast CT - ever!

It is completely impossible to be bored for very long in Northeast CT.

There are continual events year long, many free, to attend.

There are tons of outdoor hiking, biking, paddling destinations.

Listen to WINY Radio and go to their site for info, or listen to your local radio information station if you are as lucky as we are in NECT to have such a gift.

Read your local newspapers, either in print or online. I get three free papers in the mail each week, and you can bet I scan them looking for fun opportunities.

Join local groups of interest to you, whether it be outdoor activities, crafts, etc. Organizations like The Last Green Valley offer so much fun!

I am very lucky to live in Northeast CT, where family & people friendly community events abound. I hope you are as lucky. If not, I suggest to relocate immediately! I have some great real estate contacts that will get you where you will love to live!

I am a Putnamaniac that is NEVER bored in Northeast CT ~ never ever!

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