Thursday, October 25, 2012 more!

There are so many corn fields in the growing season in Northeast CT.

Fields of people corn (shorter) and many more fields of animal corn (much taller).

Most of the animal corn is for cows, since there are also lots of dairy farms around our parts, including Fort Hill Farms in Thompson, which is part of the Farmer's Cow.

You get used to driving by, walking by, jogging by all those corn fields, where the stalks grow as high as an elephant's eye.

Then comes fall... harvest... corn no more.

It takes some getting used to... all those corn fields emptied out like this. However, it sure does open up the views in a lot of places!

(By the way, Fort Hill Farms still has their corn fields full of gigantically tall stalks in their amazing corn maze ~ you must visit it and get lost in the peace in their slice of heaven on earth)!

I am a Putnamania that loves the corn fields when they are full of corn, and when there is corn no more!

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