Monday, October 29, 2012

After the storm, relax with some Blackstone Valley Bluegrass at the Bradley Theater!

After Hurricane Sandy, you will need some R&R.

This coming Saturday, November 3rd, the Bradley Theater is hosting a great night of entertainment.

Ultra talented and fun quartet, the Blackstone Valley Bluegrass, will be playing.

The pleasure has been mine to hear them live a few times, as well as at home, where they entertain me quite often. Simply put, THEY ARE FANTASTIC! (You will notice they are all also quite cute and charming)!

The tickets are unbelievably priced at $14. There is no way to beat that price, and you will get a big bang for those bucks. You will probably become a huge fan of this local talent just as so many have.

Ticket info:
Tickets are available at Victoria Station Café or Wonderland Books on Main Street; On-line at www.the; by calling 860-928-7887 or at the door. Tickets are $14.00 with a special discount for Bradley Season Ticket holders who may purchase tickets for $10.00 at the door.

I got my two tickets long ago, for me and my best bud, who are big fans of the Blackstone Valley Bluegrass! 

Will I see you there, tapping your toes and smiling? I hope so!

I am a Putnamaniac that loves and can't wait to see the Blackstone Valley Bluegrass on Saturday night, Nov 3, 2012, at the Bradley Theater!

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