Monday, October 15, 2012

Calendars ~ 2 must have calendars for 2013! Tattooed Librarians and the Last Green Valley!

At this time of year, as one year is winding down, and another year is gearing up, calendars start to appear in stores. There are many beautiful, funny, theme based calendars to choose from.

Of all these choices, there are two that you MUST have!

One is The Last Green Valley's "A Beautiful Year in The Last Green Valley" 2013 calendar. I already have mine!  You can buy it here. 

The other calendar is soon to be released, featuring Tattooed Librarians of MA, including my awesome friend, Kat.

Article from Webster Times, September 28, 2012
DUDLEY — “Never judge a book by its cover.” Most people have probably heard this common
quotation before referring to both works of literature and anything they might be judging by appearance only. For 16 Massachusetts librarians who recently took part in a fundraising calendar featuring tattooed library personnel for the Massachusetts Library Association’s youth programs,
this quote rings true for them in both ways.
The calendar, shot at the Chelmsford Public Library earlier this month, will be made accessible to the public in November. All of the funds raised through sales will go toward youth programs at libraries throughout the state.

Pearle L. Crawford Memorial Library Children’s Librarian Kathy Dunton was one of the 16 youth librarians to take part in the photo shoot. She said when she first received the email she was thrilled
to have the opportunity to support youth programs. Dunton said working with children and teens every day at the library, she knows how important these programs are to literacy and creating lifelong
learners. “I was beyond excited that I could take part in helping something I enjoy so much,” said Dunton during an interview at the Crawford Library Monday, Sept. 17. Chelmsford Public Library
Youth Librarian Sharon Colvin was one of several embers of the Massachusetts Library Association who helped organize the calendar shoot. “I was in charge of all of this craziness,” Colvin said with a laugh during a phone interview last week. “[The librarians] wanted to put it out there that we’re a fun
group. Youth librarians are one of the most dynamic, and dedicated groups of people around, and we wanted to have a fresh image.” She said while she has lost count in the last 10 years of just how many pieces she has on her body, Dunton said she knows she has spent about 90 hours under the needle.
“I was first tattooed at 23,” said Dunton as she rolled up her sleeves to show the tattoos of books, flowers, vines and even a pair of hot-air balloons that represent the Crawford Library. “I thought it would be only one, but two or three years later I went back and had another done. It wasn’t until I was 30 that this became something that kind of consumed me.” She said she didn’t know who she was going to meet at the photo shoot in Chelmsford, or what would happen during the session. “I didn’t know what to expect, but when I got there one of the ladies told me I was the most tattooed [librarian] there,” said Dunton. When asked if the tattoos have helped or hurt her working as a children’s librarian, Dunton said she has only ever received positive comments, and curiosity from patrons and their kids. “People are interested and want to touch [the tattoos] all of the time,” said Dunton. “They ask, ‘Did it hurt?’” She said the tattoos have also helped when it comes to parents broaching the topic of body art with their teens. Dunton said local parents will ask her to speak to their children about being responsible, and waiting until they are older to get a tattoo done. “I always say wait until after you turn 20,” said Dunton. “That is my thought. It is something that is going to be there forever.”

 I am a Putnamaniac that has two great calendars for 2013, and they really mean something to me, plus raise funds and awareness for great causes!

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