Friday, December 28, 2012

I took Taylor Brooke Winery for granted since I lived so close ~ but now I will visit often!

Like most folks, I tend to take things that are so nearby for granted.

Growing up in RI, I was not that far away from Newport and the mansions.  However, I only went to them once, and that was for my prom! Go figure... but I think that is typical behavior that most of us exhibit.

Since I've moved to Putnam, I live very close to the Taylor Brooke Winery, yet I'd never been there until very recently. It was gorgeous and mind you this is the less than stellar time of year... I will be certain to frequent this local treasure, and hope to find many more treasures in my hunting.

Keep hunting yourself! I hope you find you treasures and maybe a bottle of wine will be at the end of the rainbow, like at Taylor Brooke Winery!

I am a Putnamaniac that will try not to take my local treasures for granted!


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