Monday, December 10, 2012

Look what an elf named Claire left on my porch this afternoon!!!

Much to my delight, elves exist in Putnamania!!!!

Just arriving home from work, I saw this on my front porch:

Being my father's daughter, I thought "Wow, someone brought me beer!".

When I brought the package inside, this is what I found inside:

Check out the detail.... fresh holly with berries, the container decorated so grandly with a dainty gold ribbon tied into a festive holiday bow, fresh pine and other various evergreen sprigs.

So, as much as I love beer, I really love this grand centerpiece!


I also love my talented and thoughtful neighbor and friend, Elf Claire. (Not to brag, but this is the 2nd year I have been the recipient of a fabulous centerpiece by Elf Claire)!

I am a Putnamaniac that loves her thoughtful friend & neighbor, Santa's own elf, Claire!

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