Tuesday, April 8, 2014

2 mile daily ritual walk, interrupted by 8 hours of work!

Since I got a job just a mile away from home this past February, I vowed I would walk every day - no matter what, figuring if I give in and drive just once, it will be too easy to drive all the time and for any excuse. That mile walk to and from work could easily go by the wayside.

As a child, I always enjoyed my walks to and from Elementary School and then Junior High School. Here is my chance to live like a kid again!

So far, I have stuck to my guns - or should I say legs.

Snow storms of rather large proportions have snowed down on me...

Rain and winds have challenged my old umbrella...

Bitter cold has made me grimace...

Folks toot and wave as they pass...

Dogs bark and wag...

The sunny warmer days encountered lately have not only given hope to the idea that spring really just might be arriving, but brings out contented smiles from all directions.

I see sights that most miss while driving, and I look at everything.

Today, this little beauty was peeking out of our front garden, waiting for me to get home!

Hello Iris, hello spring. Welcome to the best house and yard in Putnamania!

I am a Putnamaniac that loves her 2 mile daily ritual walk, even if it is interrupted by an 8 hour work day!

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