Thursday, April 17, 2014

Fishing lures.... or earrings? Lure-Ring Dynasty here I come!

There is some big Duck Dynasty thing going on.

I admit, I am not much of one who gets hooked on trends, so I have never seen it. However, I do listen and read what others are in to, so I do know about Si and his duck calls.

In that vein, I think I have the newest, latest, greatest craze! (I've previously mentioned, I am an "idea girl", and of course I think this is an awesome idea. Feel free to steal it, just credit this Putnamaniac with the thought)!

Fishing lures grace my hub's truck and our garage. He collects them when he sees them, and therefore doesn't have to spend a ton of money on them (just one of the reasons I love him - he is as "thrifty" as I am)!

Here is a bunch of lures hanging in our garage...
A lot of them look like they would make some awful sweet earrings! Just a little adjustments might need to be made, but they are shiny, colorful, and each have their own personality. 
I have 3 fleeces that would go with this sparkly color scheme!
Voila a new business - Lure-ring Dynasty! Seriously - it is a grand slam idea! Who is with me?
I am a Putnamaniac that is ready for Lure-ring Dynasty!

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