Monday, April 21, 2014

It is a sad, sad night in Putnamania as I say goodbye to an old pair of shorts I've had since circa 1990...

Booooo hoooooo.....

I bid farewell to an old friend tonight... a pair of sweatpants that I cut off into shorts many moons ago (after I tripped over a sidewalk while jogging at 5:30am one dark winter morning, and ripped not only the sweatpants knee to pieces, but mine as well).

 Here is my old friend, sitting atop the garbage heep... oh so sad!

So many memories in these sweatpants converted into shorts...

When I bought my first house, I wore them every night after work for the 2 weeks I had to paint and clean and fix everything before my apartment rental expired. It was so easy to come home to an empty space, change into my beloved sweats, and work until 2am or so....

Then I jogged for years and years in them. In the early morning hours, no one saw us, nor scoffed at us as we slogged the streets before work.

We spread many yards of mulch together, and planted endless gardens.

We painted more new houses we bought together, and planted yet more gardens.

Tonight, as I adorned the old sweat shorts, and painted yet another garage door on my newest home, I made the critical decision to say goodbye. It is time to put my old friends out to pasture... our last night together.... I mean, they are held up for the most part with a big safety pin.... they are stained with paint, bleach and god knows what else over the years... the crotch has been sewed together more than I've sewn anything else in my life.

Alas, I say goodbye to an old and faithful friend...  Do you hate to part with such prized possessions and life long friends? Let me know if you do!

I am a Putnamaniac that is sad to say goodbye to my old sweats! Friends forever!

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