Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Low spark of high heeled sneakers - great solution for walking in the rain!

Walking in the rain can be a drag.

Not exactly a drag, but you can get wet from head to toe if not dressed properly. Nothing worse than being all wet ~ clothes, hair, feet, glasses.

Being a former Brownie and Girl Scout, always an oldest sister, and average all around worry wart and preparer for all things, I am happy to report a great street walking rainy day shoe! My high heeled sneakers! Seriously!!!

I got them a few years back, when they were the craze, but never bothered with them much. Since I am not much of one to adhere to crazes at the time they are actually in fashion, I decided to wear these shoes to walk to work in the rain. Result = dry feet! I'll take it!

Now, if I could invent an all body umbrella.... you know umbrellas are great for your head, but they drip off all over the rest of your body. Oh, if only I could invent! I am more of an "idea man", sort of like Michael Keaton's character Bill was in the movie "Night Shift"... Here are a few of his "invention ideas":

1) Bill: OK, here's an example. Watch out, stand back.
[speaks into tape recorder]
Bill: This is Bill. Idea to eliminate garbage: edible paper. You see, you eat it, it's gone. Eat it, it's out of there!

2) Bill: What if you mix the mayonnaise in the can, WITH the tunafish? Or... hold it! Chuck! I got it! Take LIVE tuna fish, and FEED 'em mayonnaise! Oh this is great.
[speaks into tape recorder]
Bill: Call Starkist!

Yup - those are the sort of ideas I come up with..... so maybe that is not my forte'. What do you think?

So as I walked in the rain in my high heeled sneakers, of course I thought of a song, as most moments in life make me think of a song. Remember this classic, Low Spark of High Heeled Boys by Steve Winwood??? 

I am a Putnamaniac that loves the low spark of my high heeled walking in the rain sneakers!

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