Wednesday, April 30, 2014

First First Friday is here!

The garage is now loaded with 2014 Guides, TLGV maps, Vision 2020 books, 2013 Annual Reports, a great display unit... and anticipation!

Why the excitement in the best house in Putnamania?

This Friday night is Putnam's first First Friday of the season (May through October).

This Putnamaniac will be representing The Last Green Valley at each First Friday event.

Surely, you have heard of First Fridays... and surely, you have attended.

What??? Some of you have missed out?

Here is the scoop:
On the First Friday of each month, May through October, Putnam closes off Main Street to vehicle traffic and opens it wide to welcome in people and culture of all varieties ~ music, dance, theater, architecture, food, folklore... and more. In fact, this year each month will be dedicated to one of these themes of culture.

Filling the streets each month are artists, musicians, hula hoops, chalk, local tastings, information about the local area, friends, fun, laughs... and the list goes on forever.

A good time is guaranteed, for all ages. Families, singles, couples, friends... GUARANTEED!

And best of all, it is all for free, unless you can't resist a tasty treat or a perfect artisans creation.

Try it - you will like it! Let me rephrase that - Try it, you will LOVE IT!

For more information on each month's activities, check out Discover Putnam's event tab on their website, and be sure to "like" First Fridays on facebook.

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