Thursday, April 3, 2014

Jennie's Smile! Captivating and so welcoming!

Ever notice how a great smile really makes a difference?

It sure does!

I used to work with a great gal - we called her Jennie Jav, because we were a track and field supplier, and Jennie was a javelin thrower and our javelin "go to" person.

Jennie had and still has THE BEST smile in the entire world. I have never not seen her smile.

This is a smile that reaches out and says "HELLO, ISN'T IT GREAT TO BE ALIVE!"

This smile is not asking you that question, but giving you the answer, and the answer is YES!

I wish I had this smile, because I know what it does to me when I see it, or when I even think about it.

Smile when you can - it does make a difference. The old expression "turn that frown upside down" is a true classic.

I am a Putnamaniac that loves Jennie's smile - it makes a difference to everyone it reaches!

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