Friday, August 22, 2014

A positively productive day!

I had a positive day!

It was productive!

It might not be the type of day that everyone might love, but I did!

(You can tell I loved it if you notice all the exclamation point punctuations used above).

Graced by a day off, unexpected and discovered just a few days ago, I sprung out of bed bright and early (well, ok, maybe it was cloudy and early), and got to work.

Yard! Garden! Cooked and preserved! Cleaned! Laundry! Jogged! Emails! Filing! Bill paying!

(Note that I am still excited by the continuing exclamation marks).

Nothing glamorous, but a chance to catch up and spend some time with yourself is priceless once in a while!

Do you agree? Days like this actually recharge my batteries although I go long and strong all day. I am revitalized since I am back in my comfort zone of complete cleanliness and orderliness.

I hope that you all find the time once in a while to do just what it is that makes you tick and makes you use exclamation points!!!!!

I am a Putnamaniac that loves a positively productive day!

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