Sunday, August 10, 2014

Great people helping people! Great concept by great people!

So did you notice I used the word "GREAT" in this blog title today - a lot???

I did it on purpose, because, well, I know some GREAT people.

In this case it is a couple that live and work in Putnam.

They are hard workers and have made hard and tough decisions in their life to make it a good life.

They do not gossip, they stay positive, they encourage others, and they do not stop there ~ they do for others and give back, too.

Today we had a fabulous car show in Putnam, with tons of cars on display, as well as tons of visitors.

A community yard sale/vendor fair also took place in the parking lot of US Button on Kennedy Drive in order to raise some funds for the Putnam Food Bank, Daily Bread. 


This event did not just "happen".

It was organized, and organized well in advance.

Who started this quest of People HELPING People??? None other than some fine Putnamaniacs, Tammy Jean and Jerry Messier, Jr.

Man oh man, do you know GREAT people? So glad that I do. I choose them any day of the week!

I am a Putnamaniac that loves the great people that I know that step up and help others!



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