Sunday, August 17, 2014

The next life...begins tomorrow ~ with The Last Green Valley!

How many times have I said "I love where I live"?

How many time have I said "In my next life I want to be a Ranger"?

Answer to both questions is: A LOT!

Amazingly enough, my next life starts tomorrow!

No lies!

By some wonderful twist of fate, I was offered a great position with The Last Green Valley, a great organization that I've volunteered for the last few years.

WOW! I can't wait!

Keep dreaming your dreams, because they do come true!

Are you a member of TLGV? You can join for a minimal (aka cheap and affordable) $25 a year for individuals or $45 for families. Great corporate and business partnerships available, too.

Yippeeee! I love where I live ~ in The Last Green Valley!

You can "like" The Last Green Valley on facebook here

I am a Putnamaniac that begins her next life tomorrow!

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