Monday, August 4, 2014

Who is the Bradley Playhouse - well one quiet behind the scenes superstar is Pat Green!

You've heard me rave about The Bradley Theater in Northeast CT, located right in downtown Putnam many times.

It is a beautiful structure, holds many memories and stories that people love to tell, serves up wonderful and diverse entertainment on stage as well as some pretty good popcorn, too!

TNECT at The Bradley Playhouse has a hard working board of directors, as well as endless volunteers of all skills, trades and talents.

The Bradley Theater also has Pat Green, with the official title of Business Manager.


Pat does manage to do a lot of business for The Bradley, and she also manages to do a whole lot more. You might have spotted her face a million times when you attended a great show, or maybe you didn't. She is not one to flaunt herself about, nor look for praise. She simply does all and much more than is asked of her.

Next time you call The Bradley for tickets, or go to a show, ask to say hi to Pat Green if you do not know her. Then don't stop with "hello", but be sure to give her a big THANK YOU for all that she does.

You can "like" The Bradley Theater on facebook and keep up to date with their happenings.

I am a Putnamaniac that sure does appreciate Patricia Green of the Bradley Theater!

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