Tuesday, August 12, 2014

No Farms, No Food ~ do you get that?

This morning I was walking to work with a banana in my hand, like a monkey, and taking it for granted that I will always be able to have a banana any time I want one.

But.... I did grow up with a big veggie garden, fruit trees, chickens (for eggs), goats (for milk), along with great fishermen and hunters in the family. We grew a lot of what we ate all year long thanks to canning the bountiful harvests on those hot days of summer.

I get the idea that relying on land, nature, weather, insects, predators/pests, along with a plethora of other things is nothing that you can count on to promise a bountiful harvest. That was true on a little tiny "family farm" of just over an acre. Imagine acres and acres and acres to manage.

So as I monkeyed along to work, I was so thankful for farms and farmers, worldwide.

Truly if there are no farms, there is no food.

Food does not just appear in your local grocery store as some really do seem to think. Hmmmph. Respect not only the farmers, but all the folks who pack, drive and deliver to those stores, too.
It is a complex world, appreciate it, think about it. Keep it clean, keep it green.

I am a Putnamaniac that understands the "No Farms, No Food" concept and hopes it never comes to that!

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