Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Don't forget about Habitat for Humanity of EASTERN CT and our ReStore!

It sure is easy to file things away quickly in the back of your mind if they are not right in front of you every minute.

Some people I know have desks, garages, closets, and even homes like that! They pile stuff up. As the stuff piles up, it gets forgotten about.

Since we are all so busy, the same things happen with our minds.
Unseen = forgotten.
It is not on purpose, but with every minute of every day booked up with being busy, we can forget some important things.

This weekend I was truly reminded about Habitat for Humanity of Eastern CT and our own ReStore (one of two ReStores in our affiliate area)! I had not had time to volunteer there for quite a few months, but when asked this time, my calendar was clear.

I pulled up to this great sign:

Our ReStore, located at 808 Norwich Road, in Plainfield, just off exit 87 (the Lathrop Road exit), is open and going strong. There are all sorts of great finds and great prices, and remember that everything in a ReStore is donated! Monies raised are used to build/rehab affordable housing in our area.

If you have not been, just stop in out of curiosity. Inventory changes constantly.

The ReStore needs volunteers (mechanical types, driver and donation pick up crew, etc) and donations. If you can help, let them know! 860-564-7507.

I am a Putnamaniac that will remember all the good that our Habitat for Humanity of Eastern CT does - and can/will still continue to do!

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