Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter Buns! (My friend Livia calls the bunnies "buns") I miss that girl!

When I lived for a very short time in Palmyra, PA, I met some great people and made some great memories. For geographical purposes, Palymrya is next door to the ever delicious Hershey, PA, and not far from Harrisburg, PA.

My job while there was working second shift (or the swing shift as we called it) in the "cage" of the new Hollywood Casino in Grantville, PA. That means I was locked up behind the scenes with all the money. Lots and lots of money!

As each new shift came in to replace the outgoing shift, all of the cash and checks were verified. On April 1st, Shan and I came in and began verifying the money, starting with the $100 dollar bills. The count was off by about $3,000,000 or so. I recounted. I looked in drawers. I looked in cupboards. I was starting to sweat. What was going on with the missing money??? The outgoing shift busted out in laughter, and sang me the "April Fools" chorus! Good times.

Every afternoon, I picked up my coworker, Livia, and every night, we'd drive home together. She was from Brazil, and she was a blast. Of course, we could get her goat by calling her "Livia from Bolivia". She would become highly offended. Apparently Bolivia is quite a step down from Brazil! She was also beautiful inside and out and quickly picked up the nickname "The Brazilian Bombshell".  We had some great laughs in my faithful Ford Focus. We'd cuss about the crap at work, then we'd laugh about it.

Just before Easter, as we headed home at sometime around 1-2 am, about 85 bunnies went running across the street, into yards, into fields ~ they were everywhere! Livia grabbed my arm, and yelled "Don't run over the buns.... one might be the Easter bun!" Then we laughed our heads off! We could picture having to tell her young daughter that Marcy had run over the Easter bun last night.
(Maybe it was our lack of sleep while adjusting to working the swing shift that made this so amusing to us)!

Luckily no buns at all were hurt in the making of this blog!

I can remember my last shift at the Casino before moving back to CT. Sitting in the car before going in to work, Livia and I lingered to spend a bit more time talking together.... but of course you know I was worried about being late, so I moved us along.

When I look back at my life, I try to focus on these great memories, because they are mine. They are also so much better than focusing on the not so great ones. Don't you agree?

I am a Putnamaniac that loves Easter because it reminds me of the Easter buns and of my friend Livia!

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