Friday, March 29, 2013

It was a good Friday for an Airline Trail jog!

Yesterday I discovered that I would have today as an unexpected day off! Fabulous!!!

I awoke to a sunny day! Oooooh laaa laaaa.

Last night I had decided if it was nice out, I'd head out to the Airline Trail. I first experienced this area last fall, during one of The Last Green Valley's Walktobers.

At 10 am I took off from the Audubon land in Pomfret, and headed west along what used to be part of the railroad route from Boston to NY. My destination was Brooklyn Road, out near WeLikIt Ice Cream.. and then back to the Audubon Center again. Maybe a total of 10-12 miles or so I am guessing.

Spring is coming!!! I saw turtles, frogs, butterflies, bluebirds.. and heard loud spring peepers. Glorious!!!

Check out all the pictures I took today in my facebook album here. 

I am a Putnamaniac that is so excited that spring is on the way and it was a not only a good Friday, it was a GREAT Friday!

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