Sunday, March 31, 2013

Self maintenance ~ easier said than done ~ and not recommended!

Religiously I maintain my car, and organize and clean my house, garage, office... Immaculate! I eat almost perfectly and exercise as regularly as I can with my schedule. Floss every day.

Previously I also religiously went to the doctor, dentist, blood bank, and hair stylist...but not so much lately.

I'm not exactly sure what happened, and I don't recommend this to others, but a few years ago, I got off track. I am horrified to admit that I have not been to a doctor or dentist since 2007... After a two period of cutting my own hair, I got a haircut in December of 2012, but my next appointment was canceled during one of those winter storms we had. Since then, I have done a few of my own snips as needed.

This is almost certainly all due to some major changes in my life during those years. Of course, I'd been spoiled by a great dentist, doctor, and hair stylist in RI, where I grew up and lived until I moved to CT, PA, and then back to CT. Although they are all still there, it is one heck of a long ride to get to them from Putnam. Besides, I am ensconced in a medical community here in Northeast CT. The hospital is only about a mile or two away from my house for goodness sake!

I write this blog in efforts to get back on track and on schedule with regular body maintenance visits. Recently, with the help of my sister, I updated the family's health history, so I can go into a new doctor armed with info.

Goodness only knows what is going on inside each of us, so we have to remember that we are as valuable as our cars and homes! It is ok to take the time for yourself.

I am a Putnamaniac that is in need of regular check ups again!

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