Saturday, March 23, 2013

Putnam Farmer's Co-Op brings me back to an EG, RI back street Grain Store from days past

Putnam Farmer's Co-Op is a cool place in town. My mom, still a Rhode Islander, has even contacted them in her search for a few silkie chicks.

Every time I pass it, I am reminded of Mr. Lee's Grain Store on the back streets of East Greenwich, RI, that I visited often as a kid.

My children's storybook character has even had a visit there. Check it out!

Farmer Nubbins Visits the Grain Store

(Story notes: This story brings back all the memories of going to Mr. Lee’s grain store on the back streets of East Greenwich as a little kid. The smells of grain and hay and fuel were fantastic. Is it any wonder I have spent over 25 years of my adult life working at a tree farm as a part-time fun job just to keep those senses in touch with the past? What fun it was to run wild in what seemed like a gigantic warehouse of surprises, with little kitties hiding everywhere… I was very lucky to meet someone as kind to kids as Mr. Lee was when I was a little girl. June 200)

Farmer Nubbins awoke early and rubbed his eyes.
He peeked out the window and saw the sun rising in the sky.

He hopped out of bed, put on his work pants and boots,
A farm is no place to wear a fancy suit.

Farmer Nubbins then had a good breakfast, including some juice.
“Squawck, Bock” – what was that commotion? “Oh my, some of the chickens got loose.”

Farmer Nubbins ran outside and rounded up the loose chicks.
He put them in their cage and locked it up with some sticks.

Now that things were all settled, Farmer Nubbins opened the barn door.
He went in and picked his feeding pails up off the floor.

“My animals sure eat a lot,” said Farmer Nubbins as he looked into the grain bin.
“It’s almost empty, I’d better get more before everyone gets hungry, and they no longer grin.

This meant a trip to the grain store in town.
Everyone knew it was the best place around.

So Farmer Nubbins finished his chores and hopped into his truck.
The driveway was a bit muddy, but he didn’t get stuck.

Before he knew it, Farmer Nubbins was where he wanted to be.
He had arrived at the grain store, owned by Mr. Lee.

Mr. Lee’s Grain Store was always such a fun place to be.
People of all ages loved it, and some of the little kids called it “Mr. Wee’s.”

“Mr. Wee, Mr. Wee,” called out some kids as they ran inside.
“Can we go out back in the hay bales and hide?”

“Of course you can play. Go have a blast.”
Mr. Lee knew summer vacation would go by very fast.

Not only were the bales of hay piled high on the floor,
There were many other things to find and explore.

If you looked in the corners you could always find a little kitty.
Some were frisky, some fluffy, but all were quite pretty.

Sometimes Mr. Lee would have baby bunnies or chicks.
He even had an old dog that could roll over and do tricks.

Mr. Lee’s store had grains, oats, and seeds of every kind.
They were all lined up neatly so they were easy to find.

Farmer Nubbins shopped for his animals and filled his cart high.
Then he paid Mr. Lee, loaded his truck, and waved goodbye.

As Farmer Nubbins’ truck came into view, his animals’ eyes grew wide.
They could see all the bags of grain piled up over the sides.

Farmer Nubbins unloaded his truck and put everything in its place.
When he was done, he had filled every space.

Every farm animal now agreed, from the goats to the hens,
that Mr. Lee’s grain store was a great place, even though they’d never been.

I am a Putnamaniac that loves grain stores, like Putnam Farmer's Co-Op!

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