Monday, March 11, 2013

This annual has a long rooted desire to live! On and on and on it grows!

A few years back, in early fall of 2007, I moved to Palmyra, PA, for a short time.

I met some fabulous people there, but I really missed New England and moved back "home" in late spring of 2008.

While I was gone, my mom babysat one of my children ~ a holiday cactus. It is a really old specimen, and a bit fragile, so instead of taking it on that long drive to PA, I thought it best to leave it in good hands with a renowned gardener, my mom.

My beloved cactus picked up a hitchhiker while staying with my mom. This impatiens hopped on board sometime in the fall of 2007, and was settled in nicely when I gathered up the plant to bring to my CT home in May of 2008. 

It is now March of 2013 and this impatiens is still settled in. It blooms almost continually.

There is a good story here.... this is an annual that has been living since 2007 ~ for over 5 years now!

If I were a prolific author, I would be able to make this into a magical novel.

Alas, I am not, so I will simply enjoy the magical story of this annual, with a long rooted desire to live as it flowers its pink beauty on me.

I am a Putnamaniac that loves this impatiens' will to live on and on!

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