Friday, January 30, 2015

Caution! Smiles are Contagious, also known as turn that frown upside down! Pass it on!

This morning I was off to meet with some good folks are they are planning a big event in October of this year - details to come on that big 50th anniversary bash!

A few errands were accomplished along the way, and then I was a bit early.... go figure. I prefer to be early than late.

So.... very handily there was a Cumberland Farms right near my destination. I love their $1 coffee, and not just because it is $1. It is yummy!

As I was trudging through the mush to get from my car, through the parking lot, and into the store, a young gal trudged beside me.

She looked a bit tired, maybe even down trodden.

It is easy to feel that way, especially on a yucky day.

Who knows what else she was dealing with in life. We do all have things to deal with from time to time, don't we?

So as we filled our coffee cups, mine hot, her's iced, I smiled at her and teased her for being so brave to drink iced coffee on a chilly day like today! She smiled back and said she really does like iced coffee. She explained that she worked in a kitchen and it sure did get hot in there. The iced coffee was such a refreshing treat. She liked the $1 price tag, too!

We parted ways, and as we parted, both of our chins were held high, our smiles were beaming, and our posture was positive. We were both happy and smiling, just because!

I warn you now.... Caution.... Smiles are contagious. Use them often. Help someone to turn a frown upside down. It does feel better to feel better!

I am a Putnamaniac that loves contagious smiles and turning frowns upside down!

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