Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Thankful for our great snow plowers!

We are all amazed at the amount of snow that fell  - it seems it fell all at once.

A big problem is always where to put it!

This is our 2nd winter living in this house, the last on a short dead end street.

Last year we had a lot of snow - often. It seems I was always shoveling.

That is OK - it was good exercise.

This year we all thought we were off the hook - not much snow.... until yesterday!

Today I took a little work break and went out to video the snow - and think how thankful I am to have a great town snow plow guy that does my street!

He and all the plow guys work tirelessly in this sort of situation.

He has nowhere to put the snow, has to back up down the road to get out, but he always has a smile and a wave, PLUS does a great job getting the snow out of the way.

I love that guy!

I hope you love your snow plow guy as much as I love mine!

I am a Putnamaniac that is thankful to have such a hard working and capable snow plow guy that takes care of my street!

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