Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Good guys - watching out for others, chipping in and once again proving every little bit helps!

This is an easy blog tonight, like so many of them are, thanks to all the good people, places and things that I am surrounded by in Northeast CT.

Just home from work and waiting for supper to cook, I scrolled through facebook.

Here is what I came across rather quickly from a great Putnamaniac, who along with his wife are a great team of givers:

Good Tuesday People I will have some BREAKING NEWS this afternoon on our next public fundraiser for the IHSP-FUEL FUND. Here it goes: ON JANUARY 24, 2015 (Saturday) FROM 7am till 12pm we will be standing outside of the U S Button office parking lot, (328 Kennedy Drive, Putnam, CT) collecting money for the OIL PROGRAM (IHSP-FUEL FUND). IF YOU WISH TO DONATE MONEY BUT CAN NOT MAKE IT DOWN TO THE U S BUTTON PLEASE LET ME KNOW. IT ALL STAYS IN PUTNAM. THANK YOU FOR YOU SUPPORT. Jerry Messier, Jr., 1-800-243-1842.

Once in a while folks - our friends, neighbors, family - need a helping hand. Many are quite thankful and take only what they need to get them through a bad spell. Let us focus on them. Pay it forward to the good people that need a little help, because someday they may be the ones to offer that same help to others, perhaps even you.

I am a Putnamaniac that loves the good people that seem to write my blogs for me with their kindness!

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