Saturday, January 31, 2015

SUPER HEROES - we've got them in Putnamania - here are just two!


We have them in Putnam.

They are also very unsung heroes. 

Tammy Jean Messier and Jerry Messier Jr. are insanely great people.

This morning they stood outside of US Button, across from Dunkin Donuts on Kennedy Drive in 8 degree weather with wind chills of ridiculousness. I stopped, made a donation and visited with them waving to passers by for a few minutes.

The wind was howling and whipped snow in our faces, making it feel like a bunch of little needles stabbing into us. One gust almost took Jerry away, with his sign acting as a sail.

Why were they out there with some of their coworkers in this crazy weather? They were out suffering the cold to help keep others warm. They were collecting for the IHSP fuel fund.

Sometimes growing up, we did not have heat (nor hot water), however we did have a wood stove. Thank goodness! Perhaps that is one reason that these kinds of drives seem like quite good things to me.

No heat is no good.

If you missed the drive today, you can still make a donation to IHSP by mailing to:
P.O. Box 281, Putnam, CT 06260
(Add a sticky note to your check saying "Tammy and Jerry inspired me".

I am a Putnamaniac that loves having SUPER HERO friends!

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