Saturday, January 3, 2015

Do you just have the best friend ever? (aka: we are all that giggling & gabbing you hear early in the morning!)

Do you just have the best friend ever?

Sometimes people just click.

When you get one of those clickers, isn't it great?!

You hang on to them from the day you find them.

You find as much time to spend together as you can, doing whatever crazy things you can find time to do!

Me and my BFF got out and made some noise on the streets this year at the O'Putnam 5k, the Deary 5 miler, at WINY Radio early one morning for a birthday flash mob, and doing biweekly clean-ups!

Sometimes the only time one of my best friends forever and I can get together is early in the morning. No matter what season or weather, we head out for a walk & talk.

So if you hear lots of gabbing and giggling early in the day and out in the streets of Putnamania, you'll know it is two good friends, doing what BFFs do!

I am a Putnamaniac that likes to make a ruckus with my best friends!

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