Saturday, January 24, 2015

The Crossings Restaurant & Brew Pub - crossed off the list of funs things to do today!

Right down the street from where I live, within walking distance, are quite a few great places to eat!

Since the forecast was for snow, rain, sleet, snow today, I'd had thought it would be a perfect day to go out on a lunch date with my hubby.

It seems since getting married, I cook WAY more and go out WAY less than ever before. That was not exactly my plan! I always enjoyed going out to eat with friends, and with my family when they visit the area. I miss doing that, especially with all the choices available in downtown Putnam, all within a mile or 2 of my home sweet home.

So today we revisited The Crossings Restaurant & Brew Pub - an awesome atmosphere, with great service, yummy food and beverages!

The Crossings offer some great deals. Occasionally they hand out sealed envelopes with assorted discounts that can be used in a future month. We have a sealed envelope given to us in December to use in January. Today we find out our discount when the envelope is opened with our bill. How can you lose with that?

They also give back to the community. At this time the Crossings will donate a certain percentage of your bill to the local food bank. Another Win-Win.

So, be sure to visit the local restaurants as you Discover Putnam!

I am a Putnamaniac that is happy to cross off my excellent visit to The Crossings today from the "to do" list, and will add it to my new list ASAP!

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