Sunday, January 11, 2015

Old men neighbors! Cuter than cute and I don't even know their names!

Living at the end of a very short dead end street, there are not a lot of neighbors.

But the few who are my immediate neighbors are a couple of nice old fellas.

Not these guys:

or these guys:

I've met one of the old guys, the one that lives next door with his wife (whom I have never met), and although I've lived here over a year now, I can't remember his name. He waves, grumbles or expresses communications of a very easy sort whenever I see him. Perfect for me!

The fellow across the street is much more shy and keeps to himself. I've never even made eye contact with him, since he will always turn away. That is ok with me, too!

These two old codgers look out and take care of each other very kindly with barely a word between themselves either. Apparent comfort from being neighbors for such a long time.

One has a snow blower. When it snows a lot, he takes care of the other guy's driveway. He also has a riding mower and happily rides both yards on the appointed day of neighborhood neatening.

I find these folks to be the perfect neighbors for me, and for each other as well.

It is so nice that they keep an eye on each other and help each other without busy-bodying each other to pieces.

What a wonderful arrangement! Take a hint world!!

I am a Putnamaniac that loves my caring yet keep to themselves old neighbors!

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