Monday, September 17, 2012

Clipper Classic Marching Band Festival is this Saturday night, September 22, 2012

Musicians are all brilliant in my opinion!

After taking a few years of piano lessons as a kid, I still have a hard time getting my right hand and my left hand to do what the are supposed to be doing... and forget about any other distractions thrown in.

Marching bands though - WOW - they have to play, and at the very least they have to march at the same time ~ sometimes in intricate ways and always in entertaining ways!

The Putnam High School Clippers host a marching band festival every year. Since the high school is just across the river behind my home, I can hear it all! But hearing isn't the only fun, since it is a very visual festival, too, so I march on over to see the show.

The event begins at 6pm, only costs $8 to enter, and kids under age 10 get in for FREE!

Check out a few past years' performers here on youtube:
Norwich Free Academy
Killingly High School

So if you are looking for invigoration, family fun this weekend, march yourself over to Putnam High School!

I am a Putnamaniac that loves marching bands and all their skills! 

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