Saturday, September 22, 2012

Paying it forward - do you vote for or against?

I am "FOR" paying it forward.

Generosity, kindness, and good behavior in general seems like the only way to go.

However, not everyone sees it this way.

Last weekend, our condo association held our annual yard sale. I CHOSE to donate any money that one of my neighbors and I took in for our few items to the local food bank, Daily Bread.

It was reported to me that a "shopper" was told of my plans to donate my proceeds, and refused to visit my condo. They didn't agree with my "paying it forward".


I believe I am quite clear that I don't believe in endless handouts and think people should cut back and live within their means. However, in some circumstances, people need a little help.
They may not have the family support that we can take for granted.
They may not have the life skills to earn more than the bare minimum to get by on, and when that floor falls out from under them, what do they do?
They may not have earned enough to save up for tough times.
Good old health situations can also step in and stomp on you hard.

Thankfully, I have always been able to live within my means, have saved plenty in good times, have enjoyed good health. I pray that I never am in need of any kind.

Have you ever visited a food pantry when your neighbors are there getting food? I have, when I bring my donations. I've seen people that I know, that have jobs, and that work! I've seen young couples with little babies. I've seen people older than my mom. It is a depressing scene, and to think that this is many of their only options.  (I am sure some folks take advantage, since that is also the way of the world). 

To that nay-Saying yard sale shopper, who did not agree with my paying it forward, I say this to you:
1) There for the grace of God go you.
2) Hope beyond hope that karma does not bite you so that you may be in need some day
3) Thank goodness we live where we can agree to disagree.

I am a Putnamaniac because I believe in paying it forward, that free handouts are not a way of life most people choose, and that I hope that if I am ever in need, there is someone to help!

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