Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Do you park close or as far away as you can in parking lots?

Do you notice how much time people spend driving around searching for a parking spot as close to their destination as possible.

In Putnam, it is really silly, because even the biggest parking lots are not that big, yet people still cruise looking for a spot in the front row.

Even more silly is to see exercisers parked as close to the entrance of the gym or even the jogging paths. I mean, they are going there to walk or jog. Would a few more steps do them in?

Perhaps it is a feeling of victory to find and insert your car into a spot so close to where you are going.  That is too crowded for me, though. I park as far away as I can and use those few extra steps to loosen up my bones after being stuck in the car to get to wherever it may be.

I agree with Clark Griswold's parking habits, and also with his approach. If you see me running through parking lots in the style of this movie clip, now you know why (Click here to enjoy both Sparky Griswold and my parking lot habits!

I am a Putnamaniac that loves to park on the outer edges of parking lots!

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