Thursday, January 3, 2013

Behind the scenes ~ how do they run a radio show?

Putnam is lucky enough to have our very own local radio station.

WINY Radio (1350 am or online at rocks the house, on many levels.

I just turn on the radio; as the alarm clock to start my day, then into the kitchen for coffee, then in the car on the way to work, and then online at work. All I do is push a button, and I have it all! Simple!

However, I can't figure out how they do it!

How do they say just the right amount of stuff before a song begins. How do you know how much news to tell in the amount of time you have. How do you push the button so the weather comes on instead of a commercial. How do you choose which sports stories and scores to report, when there are so many choices locally and nationally?

What happens when unexpected/unbooked guests show up? My little best friend, 7 year old Seth, stops in at WINY lots of mornings, and DJ Gary O welcomes him warmly right into the show for a few alligator/dinosaur/fart jokes.

Who does all the work that goes on behind the scenes? How do they have enough hours in a day to line everything up?

Gary O, Karen O, Kerri, Kerensa 
(missing Johnny, Adam, Paul, Jason and a few other valuable WINY staff members)

I guess they do it because they are all hard workers and are very good at what they do, like most Northeast CT folks. Plus they are so fun and always focus on the positive without any of the usual media drama. And if you live in and around Putnam, you know them all! Pretty lucky for us!

Check them out, on your radio dial if you are local, or online if you are not local. Get to know them and love them like I do!

You can also "like" WINY Radio on facebook. Do it! You will never miss out on any fun stuff going on in Northeast CT ever again!

Then appreciate the hard work and planning that goes into all the things you enjoy every day!

I am a Putnamaniac that loves our local radio station!

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