Saturday, January 19, 2013

Boy Scouts are the definition of tough! Check this out!

This picture and accompanying story appeared on WINY Radio's facebook page this morning.

"This is NOT a forced march: Members of Boy Scout Troop 25 march down Grove Street in Putnam this morning on their annual January over-night camp out. They will march to East Putnam and set up camp - no tents, no heat - just shelter they make themselves. The is a long standing tradition for the local Boy Scouts. Think about them tonight when you're grabbing that extra blanket! -garyo-" is showing temps hovering around freezing tonight, feeling like 23 or so with the wind chill. Luckily no precipitation is forecast. 

These guys are tough and dedicated! They will have great stories to tell and memories for a life time!

It sure makes me glad that I am a girl, and although I thought earning my sewing badge in Girl Scouts was complete torture, I clearly got off easy compared to these Boy Scouts!  

I am a Putnamaniac that is impressed with these dedicated Boy Scouts.

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