Thursday, January 17, 2013

Sorel's Garage ranks #1 Top Notch in this Putnamaniac's book!

In a life that I like filled with NO drama, some drama inevitably falls.

Last night, driving home along dark and vacant Rt 6, from Andover, my car battery slowly died.

I shut off the radio, heat, defroster...barely used the wipers, which were much needed in all that muck at the time. They wiped more slowly each time I dared use them. The lights grew dimmer and dimmer with each mile.

As I rolled into Brooklyn at close to 6:30, I dared to hope that someone was still hanging around in Sorel's Garage (88 Hartford Rd/Rt 6, 860-774-4514), since I was coming upon it.

Glory be, there were lots of folks hanging ~ and still working! All so helpful! 'Twas not only my faithful Focus' battery that succumbed, but the alternator as well. They literally took their last breaths as I stood there.

Today they are working on my faithful wheels, and the prognosis is that they should have her back as good as new by noon! Talk about a quick turn around! When I marveled at this, Ron responded "Well, we wanted to get you rolling again. We know people need their cars". WOW!

Now two great things came of this unwelcomed drama.
1) I would recommend Sorel's Garage and their staff to anyone! (I feel a bit guilty about giving work to someone other than my well loved Putnam Ford, but sometimes, when you are in a fix, you find the miracle you need).
2) I am learning to ask for help when I need it! This is a tragically difficult thing for me to do, but last night I called my dear & true friend for a ride home from Sorel's (since I realized I would never be able to walk home to Putnam without being run over ~ repeatedly) AND today I asked my neighbor for a ride back to Sorel's to pick it up.

Miracles never cease, and apparently you are never too old to learn something new.

I am a Putnamaniac that thinks Sorel's Garage is the TOPS!

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