Thursday, January 24, 2013

Queen me, checking in from Home Sweet Castle!

Yes, I feel like a Queen most days.

I own a beautiful home, which really makes me feel extra Queenly.

It took the first 37 years of my life for me to get into a position to buy my first home. I'd wanted my own home since I was about 10... I worked my butt off and had the luck to acquire an awesome job for many years. This made my step towards Queenliness attainable. My first castle was an awesome old colonial, with a detached garage, in Cranston, RI.

Before then I'd rented a lot of apartments.... most of them not the nicest of places.... many of them did not have very responsible landlords... That is what apartments are a lot of times. Being on a tight budget doesn't help. So many things are out of your control as a renter ~ Important things like peace of mind and safety.

I am not trying to brag that I have a great home that I love, nor make anyone feel bad if they are still in the renter stage. I am letting you know that we have all been there as renters, living in places not so stellar. Keep working, making good decisions and your time of royalty will come.

In the meantime, you can empower yourself as a renter.

If there are no smoke detectors supplied, buy one, and put it in your bedroom. (If you know a renter that needs one, buy them one).

If  you don't have renter's insurance call my friend, Lori Kerttula at Allstate in Plainfield. 860-564-3383  I was shocked at how inexpensive renter's insurance was when I needed it. It certainly can't replace the material things you may lose in a fire, but at least you will be able to replace things. Renter's insurance is DIRT cheap. (If you know a renter without renter's insurance, buy it for them. It is a priceless gift).

Someday, when your stars are aligned, you will be ready to set your self up in royal style in your own home, where things are under your control, but until then, be as safe as possible

I am a Putnamaniac that is the Queen of her Castle!

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