Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Check your smoke detectors & check in with your friends and neighbors ~ ASAP

Putnamania is supposed to be about finding something positive every day to focus on.

That was a tremendously difficult thing to do today with the tragic fire that took place overnight and into this morning. (See the story in the Norwich Bulletin).

Some local folks have organized a few drives in order to help out these victims:
1)  Donations for the victims of the Prospect Street Fire in Putnam are being accepted at Chace Building Supply 90 Route 171 in Woodstock.
Hours are Monday-Friday 7a-5p and Saturday 8a-2p. Please bring items to the Contractors Desk where they have set up space for donations.
If entering address in your GPS please use 90 Somers Turnpike.

2) PLEA FOR HELP: I've been working the phone this morning with Tom Borner and Lynn Bourque from Putnam Bank. We are establishing a fund to assist the families affected by the tragic fire in Putnam this morning. Although names, number of families, etc. have not yet been released, it's evident that assistance will be needed. So, let's get this thing going NOW! THE PROSPECT STREET FIRE FUND has been established at Putnam Bank. Drop off donations now at any office of Putnam Bank or right here at WINY, 45 Pomfret Street, Putnam. Make checks payable to PROSPECT STREET FIRE FUND, c/o PUTNAM BANK. Thank you for your kindness and compassion. ~garyo~

In the meantime, please test your own smoke detector. 
Check on your neighbor's smoke detector. 
Call your friends and family and make sure they test theirs. 

If you do not have a smoke detector or know someone who does not have one, buy one and put it up with them. 

If you can't afford one, call me, text me, email me, message me. I will get you at least one right away. 

It may not solve all future problems, but it can't hurt.  

I am a Putnamaniac that wants everyone to check their smoke detectors this very minute, or get one if you don't have one, or let me know that you need one!

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