Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Flat tire on a back problem in NECT!

Driving to work on the back roads of Northeast CT sure can be gorgeous, in all seasons.

Scenery along Routes 169, 97, 244 is always a knock out.

It is a bad place for a breakdown of any sort, though, since roads are skinny, without much wiggle room, and they are indeed "less traveled".

Yesterday morning, I saw an unfortunate gentleman traveler pulled over with a flat tire.

Behind him was parked a cable guy, who was out of his cable truck, bending over, lending a helping hand to the flat tired gentleman.

I think that is just awesome! I am sure cable guy was on his way to a job assignment of some sort, but he still took the time to stop and help. Most excellent. That is how people are around NECT.

I hope you are as fortunate to live in such a place, where these random acts of kindness are not out of the norm.

I am a Putnamaniac that loves how helpful people are in NECT!

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