Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Woodstock... Oh, by the time we get Stephen Stills to Woodstock, CT!

On this bright, sunny, chilly New Years Day, I went for a jog to Woodstock, CT.  Peaceful roads, cows along side... up to the Woodstock Fairgrounds and back.

Then I rocked out to some cSny... (crosby, STILLS, nash, young). Stills is capitalized because I love him to pieces!

Mind you, I would not have made a good hippie, with all that dirtiness, nakedness, and assorted drugs, but I think he is long past those days himself.

So I was thinking, don't you think Stephen Stills would totally love Woodstock, CT. He could move right in with me, since I am only a mile away from the Woodstock town line. Best of all, he could sing Woodstock to me every day! Listen to the song here (and picture him singing it to me after we got back from a jog through the back roads filled with agriculture and beauty)!

Time passes too quickly for us all, and whether young or old, I still love this guitar man, and I still love dreaming great dreams every day!

I am a Putnamaniac that loves Woodstock, the town in CT and the song! Rock on!

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