Saturday, October 12, 2013

Frank from Thompson ~ the best computer guy ever ~ what service (in more ways than one)!

Recently I thought I had a problem with my computer...

As it turns out, I did not.

I had a problem with the Metrocast technician who came and put cable into our new house. That is another story.

As you know, we rely on computers...a lot... most of us that is.

When you do not have one in working order, especially with no internet connection, times are tough!

My pal, Rob, recommended a guy named Frank.

Frank is the BEST!!! He is a retired service member, a veteran, who served to make a better life for us all. Now he is still serving at a very reasonable price and with almost immediate service call response. As in I called him one afternoon, and he arrived at my house that night as I pulled into the driveway after work.


I hope I do not have another "issue" soon, whether a real computer issue or a cable issue, but if I do, I am calling Frank.

I suggest you do the same. You will be impressed times ten, and then some.

Contact Frank here:
860-428-4624 or 860-928-7123

I am a Putnamaniac that is thrilled I met a great computer guy, like Frank from Thompson!


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