Friday, October 18, 2013

RPC - everyone in the Putnamania area knows that stands for one heck of a good guy!

There is a legendarily nice guy around town.

I just finally got to meet him recently!

His initials are RPC and everyone knows what that stands for...

Ronald P. Coderre.

He is a sincere, warm, friendly guy with a big heart, and he puts anyone and everyone at ease.

Although you can hear him on WINY Radio often promoting events, projects, or talking American Legion baseball, and you can see him all over town, the thing I always loved and admired the most about Ron is his Memorial Day speeches at Rotary Park after the parade. They are so heart felt and moving that I cry every year.

Of course I was excited to get to meet him recently. At a NECC after hours event, I spotted Ron and marched right over to say hi. What a pleasure. I will be sure to say hi every time I see him from now on. Northeast CT is lucky to have a wealth of good souls, including RPC.

You can check out Ron's business, RPC Associates here, and you can also "like" RPC Associates on Facebook.

An avid sports fan, Ron writes for the Putnam Town Crier, too.

If you don't know Ron, next time you see him around town, march right up like I did and introduce yourself.

I am a Putnamaniac that knows RPC stands for one heck of a good guy!

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