Thursday, October 10, 2013

Rotary Roses are in the air!!! Sweet smell and even better ~ good will!

Fall is not usually the time of year that you think of roses....

Unless you are excited about the Putnam Rotary Rose sale!!!

October 18, 2013 is the big day this year, and it is approaching quickly.

What is this all about?

The Putnam Rotary Club sells beautiful roses for a great price of $15 per dozen. These are beautiful roses. The money raised is used to give back to the community through awarding scholarships and donations to local groups.

So order up a dozen roses (or more) for your neighbor, friends, co-workers, family, and even yourself!

My friends Rachael Johnston (860-923-3377) and Gary O (860-928-1350) are Rotarians. Give them a call to order your roses!

Learn more about the Putnam Rotary Club here.

I am a Putnamaniac that loves Rotary Rose time of year!

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