Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Queendom of planting bulbs in the non-Renegade Garden! I am truly a queen!


It was totally a great evening after work in Putnamania.

I planted bulbs!!! Daffodils, crocus, iris....

I planted them in a non-Renegade Garden - without sneaking out under the cover of darkness, on a steep hill in the woods and brush, trying not to fall into the Little River, at our former abode of the condo.

Yes, the condo was brand new and lovely. However, I really missed having a yard.

Since our new home is a house, with a yard... let the planting begin!

Although I love spring, summer, and fall... I will feel my heart warmed with expectation all winter long waiting to see these little beauties pop up!

I feel like a queen!!!

No matter how many more years go by in my life, I will always be just as excited to plant bulbs in the fall. How about you?

PS - Price Chopper has a great deal of "buy one, get one free" on bulbs right now. Take advantage!

I am the most queenly Putnamaniac because I planted a ton of spring bulbs tonight in my yard! Can't wait for spring to see them!

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