Sunday, October 27, 2013

Today I learned about The Wyndham Land Trust - the signs I drive by all the time!

Today was my last Walktober for the season with The Last Green Valley... and the Walktober season is winding down fast.

I made a great choice (not that there are any bad choices when it comes to Walktobers).

Today I got to walk and learn about The Wyndham Land Trust, and specifically walked the Rapoport/Spalding Land Trust in Woodstock.

Previously I have seen Wyndham Land Trust signs around and about - most frequently on Rt 171 just before the Woodstock Fairgrounds. I drive and jog by it often, but never really knew what it was all about.

Imagine having land and donating it a land trust, so it stays available as open land - for all to visit and enjoy? That would be great! And that is just what happens often, and that is why we were able to enjoy our walk today. I plan to revisit this location over and over again. I also plan to find other Wyndham Land Trust locations and visit them often as well.

You can become a member for only $20 per person or $30 per family per year, and you can also "like" The Wyndham Land Trust on facebook here to keep up to date with information and events.

I am a Putnamaniac that loved to learn about and visit with The Wyndham Land Trust today!

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